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Artwork by Meri C Fox-Szauter

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Fingers of Gold Ladder Trail
First Light Moonset
First Light2 Islands in the Sun
Branching Out Tall Grass
Untitled1 View from a Shady Spot
After the Rain
A Crow's World
At the Center of it All
Backs to the wind
Black and Gold
Winter Crows
Crow on Ice Huddle
Crow on Ice2 Landscape with Crows
Crowberg on Asphalt Sea Shelter
Crowberg on Asphalt Sea2 Untitled2
Got food? Waiting out the Rain
Home to Roost Long Shadows
Crow Dreams
Feather Fantasy The Harpy
Queen of the Night Yearning to Fly
The Secret Origin of Birds Yearning to Fly2

Cosmopolitan Crows

Catwalk Crows Spring Show Crows Reception Crows Discussion Group Chamber Crows Classical Crows


Despair Hope Sorrow Joy Fear Courage

Undersea Frivolities

Afternoon at the Races Gone Fishing Mermaid II

Fairy Tales

Story Teller Thumbellina The Little Mermaid
Rapunzel Cinderella Sleeping Beauty
Snow Queen Princess and the Pea Owl and the Pussycat
12 Dancing Princesses    


The Longest Night Copper Kettle

All text and images Copyright © 2002 - 2008 by Meri C Fox-Szauter